A Traveller on Horseback

Christina Dodwell  

– In Eastern Turkey and Iran –

“Horseback: Christina Dodwell’s favourite from of travel, gave her the freedom to venture alone through some of the wildest parts of the world. Her journey, which took her from Eastern Turkey, to Cappadocia, Iran, Pakistan and back, kept within the confines of the Persian Empire. She visited ancient cities such as Persepolis and Pasargad and travelled through varied countryside, among snow caps, salt lakes and paddy fields. She also stayed with and met many local people including some ranchers who bred the once extinct miniature Caspian horse.

It was  on her return to Eastern Turkey that she bought her favourite horse, Keyif, a fine grey Arab stallion. Together they rode from Erzurum to Lake Van, up the Russian border to Mount Aararat in search of Noah’s Ark.

A Traveller on Horseback is a breath-taking account of an enthralling journey, told by one of the most intrepid women explorers writing in the world today.”

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Categorieën Reisverhalen
Landen Iran, Turkije
ISBN 9780340485286
Uitgever Sceptre
Editie 1989
Oorspronkelijk 1987
Talen Engels
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