Aboriginal Stories

A.W. Reed   Illustrations by Roger Hart  


“Aboriginal Stories presents a collection of myths and legends gathered from various sources, representing the rich and diverse tapestry of beliefs of Aboriginal people throughout Australia.

Tales range from creation myths and legends of the sun, moon and starts to legends of animals, birds, rivers, lakes and shores, as well as hero stories. In addition there are lists of Aboriginal words arranged alphabetically – English to Aboriginal and Aboriginal to English – together with a short selection of common phrases and sentences.”

Creation Myths
Legends of Sun, Moon and Stars
Legends of Animals
Legends of Birds
Legends of River, Lake and Shore
The Winjaring Brothers and Other Hero Stories
Aboriginal Words
Word List: English – Aboriginal
Phrases and Sentences
Word List: Aboriginal – English

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Categorieën Cultuur, Literatuur/Romans/Poëzie
Landen Australië
ISBN 9781876334345
Uitgever Reed New Holland
Editie 2002
Oorspronkelijk 1994
Talen Engels
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