Arabian Sands

Wilfred Thesiger  

“The record of his extraordinary journeys through the parched ‘Empty Quarter’ of Arabia.”

“‘Wilfred Thesiger is perhaps the last, and certainly one of the greatest, of the British travellers among the Arabs … The narrative is vividly written, with a thousand little anecdotes and touches which bring back to any who have seen these countries every scene with the colour of real life’ – Sunday Times”

Contents: List of Maps, Preface, Preface to the 1991 Reprint, Introduction, Prologue, Abyssinia and the Sudan, Prelude in Dhaufar, The Sands of Ghanim, Secret Preparations at Salala, The Approach to the Empty Quarter, On the Edge of the Empty Quarter, The First Crossing of the Empty Quarter, Return to Salala, From Salala to Mukalla, Preparations for a Second Crossing, The Second Crossing of the Empty Quarter, From Sulaiyil to abu Dhabi, The Trucial Coast, A Holiday in Buraimi, The Quicksands of Umm al Samim, The Wahiba Sands, The Closing Door, Arabic and Botanical Names of Plants Mentioned in the Book, A List of the Chief Characters on the Various Journeys, Index.

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Categorieën Reisliteratuur/-verhalen
Landen Afrika, Azië, Eritrea, Ethiopië, Saoedi-Arabië, Soedan
ISBN 9780140095142
Uitgever Penguin Travel Library
Editie 1991
Oorspronkelijk 1959
Talen Engels
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