Dancing with the Witchdoctor

Kelly James  

– One Woman’s stories of Mystery and Adventure in Africa –

“In a series of moving and powerful stories based on her experiences a a private investigator, Kelly James draws us into the mystery that is Afrikca. A lone woman searching for the lost, she propels us throug harsh cultures and brutal lands, navigating among warring political factions, communist borders, poachers, tribesmen, witchdoctors, prostitutes, the poverty stricken, and the sick. James exposes us to a world where truth is ephemeral, and where compassion, though frail, stil bleeds through the grit and dust. …”

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Categorieën Reisliteratuur/-verhalen
Landen Kenia, Mozambique, Rwanda
ISBN 9780060186272
Uitgever William Morrow
Editie 2001
Talen Engels
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