Full Circle

Luis Sepúlveda  

– A South American Journey –

“… describes ‘a journey without a fixed itinerary’ into the heart of South America. Exiled Chilean writer Luis Sepúlveda paints vivid, sometimes surreal pictures of a continent where the distinction between reality and fiction is often blurred. Whether he is travelling in Patagonia, washed up in a sleepy tropical town, or retracing the path that led him to a political prison, Sepúlveda conjures up extravagant characters in extraordinary situations …”

Aanvullende informatie

Categorieën Reisliteratuur/-verhalen
Landen Argentinië, Zuid-Amerika
ISBN 9780864424655
Uitgever Lonely Planet
Editie 1996
Oorspronkelijk Patagonia Express 1995
Talen Engels
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