In Papua New Guinea

Christina Dodwell  

“… This is the story of Christina Dodwell, a woman whose ‘restless and sometimes reckless nature’ compelled her to set off on a one-person journey through the jungles and highlands of Papua New Guinea. Her expedition lasted two years and took her from one end of its unwelcoming terrain to the other. She met and stayed with primitive tribes, learning their customs and taking part in their rituals and celebrations, she trekked 1000 miles on horse back and spent four months paddling a dugout canoe down the Sepik River. She appeared in the tribesmen as no white woman they had ever seen and so they treated her as an honorary man. She became a legend to the people of Papua New Guinea, and her journeys remain as a part of its history.”

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Categorieën Reisverhalen, Samenleving
Landen Nieuw Guinea
ISBN 9780330281874
Uitgever Picador
Editie 1985
Oorspronkelijk 1983
Talen Engels
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