Lighthouses of the Pacific

Jim A. Gibbs  

“This is an informal yet through presentation of all the lighthouses along the coasts of Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Alaska and British Columbia. With an outstanding text, a fine collection of black and white photographs, and 24 pages of color photographs, this book present s a special drama, history, color and action that have been so much a part of nautical Americana. The very first lighthouses in this sector of the Pacific coast are discussed. The United States’initial attempts to light the capes and outcrops of the Pacific Coast are explained. Pictured are the fabulous Fresnel prismatic lenses illuminated by oil flames and the old fogbells, steam whistles and horns that warned the mariner in thick fogs. …”

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Categorieën Bouw-Kunst/Ambacht, Fotoboeken, Geschiedenis/Politiek
Landen Canada, Verenigde Staten
ISBN 088740054x
Uitgever Schiffer Publishing
Editie 1986
Talen Engels
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