London – The Biography of a City –

Christopher Hibbert  


Roman London
London in the Early Middle Ages 604-1381
London Life in the Fifteenth Century 1381-1485
Tudor London 1485-1603
Noble Speculators 1603-1665
The Great Fire and the Rebuilding of the City 1666-1710
Fashionable Faubourgs 1660-1695
Pepys’s London 1666-1703
Georgian Growth 1710-1783
Memorials of the Regency 1783-1830
The London of Hogarth and Rowlandson 1720-1820
‘Confused Treasures of Iron and Widlernesses of Brick’ 1834-1886
Mayhew’s London 1840-1887
Edwardian Contrasts 1884-1914
The Growth of Modern London
Notes and Guide

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