Ninety-two days

Evelyn Waugh  

– A journey in Guiana and Brazil –

“‘Who in his senses will read, still less buy, a travel book of no scientific value about a place he has no intentention of visiting?’
Waugh provides the answer to his own question in this quite unputdownable chronicle of a South American journey. In it, he describes the isolated cattle country of Guiana, sparsely populated by a bizarre collection of visionaries, rogues and ranchers, and records his nightmarish experiences travelling on foot, by horse and by boat throught the jungle into Brazil.”

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Categorieën Reisliteratuur/-verhalen
Landen Brazilië, Guyana
ISBN 0140095411
Uitgever Penguin Travel Library
Editie 1985
Oorspronkelijk 1934
Talen Engels
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