One steppe beyond

Tom Wheeler  

– across Russia in a VW camper –

Traveling across the former Soviet Union is a challenge at the best of times – but in a dilapidated Vdub … that’s got to be plain daft … hasn’t it?
A chance job offer at a timber yard in Estonia gives Thom and his old pal Jo a taste for the unknown. So when Uncle Tony asks them to drive to Vladivostok for another job, they can’t think of a good reason why not.
The result is a classic caper across the former Soviet Union in Max, a rusty old VW camper. Knowing little of the language or the geography ahead, they embark on probably the longest commute ever, encountering corrupt officials, film star mechanics, and over-friendly gangsters. Far off the tourist trail, they bear witness to the collapse of one nation and the birth of a new one during the free-for-all that was Russia in the 1990s.”

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Categorieën Reisverhalen
Landen Rusland
ISBN 9781849531566
Uitgever Summersdale
Editie 2011
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Talen Engels
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