Riding with ghosts

Gwen Maka  

“Gwen’s solo ride takes us across the deserts and vanished Indian trails of the American West, over the snow-peaked Rocky Mountains, down Mexico’s Baja coast and finally into the sub-tropics of Central America. Her Journey is intertwined with the legends of past events; as she rides through unworldly landscapes, the ghosts of the American Indians and pioneers who shaped the Americas travel with her.

Riding with Ghosts is Gwen’s frank but never too serious account of her epic 7,500 mile cycling tour. She handles exhaustion, climatic extremes, lechers and a permanently saddle-sore bum in a gutsy, hilarious way. Her journey is a testimony to the power of determination.”

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Categorieën Fietsreizen, Reisliteratuur/-verhalen
Landen El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Verenigde Staten
ISBN 9781908646156
Uitgever Eye Books
Editie 2010
Oorspronkelijk Riding with Ghosts: South of the Border 2000
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Talen Engels
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