Simply Whidbey

by Laura Moore and Deborah Skinner   illustrated by Margaret Livermore  

– A collection of regional recipes from Whidbey Island, Washington –

“Whidbey Island is the largest of Washington’s coastal islands and the longest island in the continental United States.

It is an island renowned for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. It is a place where residents and visitors exist in a delicate balance with old growth forests, abundant wildlife and rocky beaches that continue to change.

We invite you to experience life on Whidbey as you read through our collection of recipes shared by Whidbey Islanders.”

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Categorieën Eten en Drinken
Landen Verenigde Staten
ISBN 9780962876608
Uitgever Saratoga Publishers
Editie 1993
Oorspronkelijk 1991
Talen Engels
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