The Alexandria Quartet

Lawrence Durrell  

– Justine – Balthazar – Mountolive – Clea –

“Consisting of Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive and Clea, The Alexandria Quartet explores the sexual and political intrigues of a group of expatriates in Egypt before and after the Second World War.
In Justine, L. G. Darley attempts to reconcile himself to the recent end of his affair with the dark, passionate, multi-faceted Justine Hosnani.
Balthazar is named for Darley’s friend, a doctor and mystic, and it provides a retelling of Darley’s romance with Justine from a more philosophical perspective.
Mountolive is the narrative of English ambassador David Mountolive.
The final volume, Clea, finds Darley maturing into the knowledge that the gifted painter Clea Montis is the woman for whom he is truly destined.”

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Categorieën Literatuur/Romans/Poëzie
Landen Egypte
ISBN 9780571086092
Uitgever faber and faber
Editie 1991
Oorspronkelijk 1957/1960
Talen Engels
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