The Dvina Remains

Eugenie Fraser  

– A family memoir –

“The House by the Dvina, Eugenie Fraser’s highly acclaimed and beststelling account of her childhood in Russia, ended with the author’s escape to Scotland immediately after the Revolution. Now, almost eighty years later, she takes up the story again in The Dvina Remains, describing her first visit to Russia in half a century. It was to be many more years before she was given permission to go back to Archangel, where she was at last able to make contact with her surviving relatives and to revisit the haunts of her childhood.

Since then, the author has returned once more and has gradually pieced together the story of her family since the Revolution. It is an intensely moving and often harrowing story, beautifully told – much of it through the letters of Eugenie’s cousin. He was able to tell her about the final years of her father, who had been too ill to leave Russia with his wife and children. The hardships they endured as White Russians in a Communist country, and which they survived against all the odds, are evoked with an intensity which transcends the years.”

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Categorieën Romans / Verhalen / Poëzie
Landen Rusland
ISBN 9780552145398
Uitgever Corgi Books
Editie 1997
Oorspronkelijk 1996
Talen Engels
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