The festive food of Ireland

Darina Allen   illustrated by Sally Maltby   photographs by Kevin Dunne    

“In The Festive Food of Ireland, Darina Allen, Ireland’s well-known advocate of fresh, simple cooking, presents the full range of traditional Irish holiday fare.

Celebrate St Bridget’s Day with Boxty Pancakes and May Day with Poached Salmon and Irish Butter Sauce. Lughnasa is the time for hearty Kerry Pies and luscious Fraughan Fool with Sweet Biscuits. Christmas brings Irish Oysters to whet the appetite for Old-Fashioned Roast Turkey with Fresh Herb Stuffing, and Twelfth Night sees the appearance of Gingerbread and Butterfly Buns.

The Festive Food of Ireland explores the timeless themes and recipes of Ireland’s past, and the result is a year full of celebrations and culinary delights.”

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Categorieën Eten en Drinken
Landen Ierland
ISBN 9781856260503
Uitgever Kyle Cathie
Editie 1992
Oorspronkelijk 1992
Talen Engels
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