The Humming-Bird Tree

Ian McDonald  

“Trinidad is still known as ‘the land of the humming-bird’. Ian McDonald has chosen a peculiarly Trinidadian symbol of the garden of Eden, says Dr Gordon Rohlehr in his Introduction. ‘His Adam is Alan Holmes, a white Creole Trinidadian boy of eleven. His Eve is Jailin, the slightly younger East Indian kitchengirl. They share a first love that is predestined to fail. The serpent in the Garden is the Caribbean history of race and caste  prejudice and the adults who maintain this history by transmitting it as gospel, deeper than religion, to their children.'”

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Categorieën Literatuur/Romans/Poëzie
Landen Kleine Antillen
ISBN 0435985752
Uitgever Caribbean Writers Series, Heinemann
Editie 1974
Oorspronkelijk 1969
Andere media verfilmd in 1992 regisseur Noella Smith
Talen Engels
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