The Light Garden of the Angel King

Peter Levi  

– Travels in Afghanistan with Bruce Chatwin –

“In 1970 Peter Levi, classical scholar, archaeologist and poet, set off with Bruce Chatwin to find the classical heritage of Afghanistan. Greek conquerors, Buddhist monks, Moghul emperors, doomed British soldiers have all travelled over Afghanistan, one of the great cross-roads of history.

This classic of travel writing is now reissued with fresh photographs from the Chatwin archives an a new introduction in which Peter Levi looks back on a lost Afghanistan, ‘an island in time, a paradise’, and on his friendship with the young Chatwin.”

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Categorieën Reisliteratuur/-verhalen
Landen Afghanistan
ISBN 9781873429358
Uitgever Pallas
Editie 2002
Oorspronkelijk 1972
Talen Engels
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