The Swedish House

Photography by Ingalill Snitt   Text by Lars Sjöberg  

“The spectacularly beautiful Swedish countryside, characterized by sweeping coastline, sheltering forest, and historic township, is the setting for the equally spectacular tradition of Swedish residential architecture. The numerous historic domiciles in all regions of the country are priceless records of bygone building styles and skilled artisanship. Magnificent castles, simple cottages, stately manors, rustic farmhouses, even seaside bathing huts and military residences: all are shown in this volume with exquisite photographs and detailed architectural and historical information.

Among the buildings shown are Sörby mansion, with its intact eighteenth-century painted-linen wall coverings; the numerous residences of the De la Gardie family, including Läckö Castle, founded as a bishop’s stronghold in the thirteenth century; Gunnebo, a lavish wooden interpretation of an Italian villa built for wealthy merchant John Hall; and several buildings associated with the great Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus: Råshult, his childhood home; Sveden, the site of his wedding; and Hammarby, his adult home, complete with study, lecture pulpit, and collection cabinet. A celebration of a centuries-old design history as well as a source of design inspiration, The Swedish House captures the special qualities of a unique building practice.”

Heimwee naar Pippi Langkous … ? Sfeervolle, maar ook heel heldere foto’s (en beschrijvingen) van typisch Zweedse huizen, van buiten en binnen.

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Categorieën Bouw-Kunst/Ambacht
Landen Zweden
ISBN 9781580931298
Uitgever 2003
Editie 2002
Talen Engels
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