The Viking Isle

Freddy Gillies  

– Stories from the people and places of historic Kintyre –

“‘… Kintyre has played a part in Scottish history that is out of all proportion to its size or population. It lies only 12 miles from Ireland’s Antrim coast and was, therefor, easily accessible to the wandering Scotti, who brought their Gaelic language and culture across the water around AD500 …’

This book tells the story of lovely Kintyre and its wonderful people from earliest times until the present day. As well as being historically informative, it is sealed with a collection of interesting anecdotes and a few of the author’s memories.”

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Categorieën Cultuur, Geschiedenis/Politiek
Landen Ierland
ISBN 9790954280405
Uitgever Dalriada Books from Ardminish Press
Editie 2002
Talen Engels
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