Yeshi Choedon   Dawa Norbu  

“The very mention of Tibet evokes in the mind of the reader the image of a nation perilously situated in a geo-political matrix caught in the crossfire of history.
However, this book reaches beyond immediate history to narrate Tibet’s fascinating story of multiple traditions overlaid with legend, folklore, religious ceremony and festivals, and a natural beauty which leaves the onlooker breathless. The history of the periods prior to and folowing the emergence of a theocratic polity, permeating every aspect of society in a world increasingly marked by the declining influence of religion, are some of the themes skillfully woven into this book.

Tibetan life, culture an society are revealed through outstanding photographs which dramatize a scenography of snows and deserts, of civilisational adventure and happenings on this, the ‘roof of the world’. The illustrations provide that rich synthesis of history, tradition and popular memory with everyday fables and symbolisms which make the country come alive. This is the books promise: Tibet will ‘appear’ and the reader will be held captive of this appearance.”

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Categorieën Fotoboeken, Samenleving
Landen Tibet
ISBN 8174370943
Uitgever Lustre Press
Editie 1997
Talen Engels
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