Villages of Northern Argyll

Mary Withall  

“Argyll’s historical importance goes back thousands of years. As the centre of the kingdom of Dalriada, the area was of seminal importance in terms of Gaelic culture, and was also of extreme significance in the spread of Celtic Christianity.

Geographically Northern Argyll is a region of wild coastline, open moorland and rugged mountains separated by deeep lochs and fast fowing rivers, with little cultivable ground. There are considerable mineral resources and the forests have always been coveted by Lowlanders, but lines of communication are difficult and were, until recently, often dangerous. Even so, for 2,000 years and more people have struggled to make a living here. This book explains how and why.

In a kaleidoscope of historical fact, folklore and reminiscence, Mary Whithall explains the existence of some of the county’s settlements which, set down in a bleak if beautiful landscape miles from anywhere, appear to the eye of the stranger with no apparent reason. Based on a whole range of primary and secondary research, including parish records and other historical documents, this book offers a fascinating insight into the history of human settlement in this beautiful corner of Scotland.”

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Categorieën Cultuur, Geschiedenis/Politiek
Landen Verenigd Koninkrijk
ISBN 9780859765848
Uitgever John Donald Publishers
Editie 2004
Talen Engels
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