A Way in the World – a novel –

V.S. Naipaul

“… it is the story of a writer’s lifelong journey towards an understanding of both the simple stuff of inheritance – language, character, family history – and the long interwoven strands of a deeply complicated historical past: “things barely remembered, things released only by the act of writing. “What he writes – and what his release of memory enables us to see – is a series of extended, illuminated moments in the history of Spanish and British imperialism in the Caribbean: Raleigh’s final, shameful expedition to the New World; Francisco Miranda’s disastrous invasion of South America in the eighteenth century; the more subtle aggressions of the mid-twentieth-century English writer Foster Morris; the transforming and distorting peregrinations of Blair, the black Trinidadian revolutionary. Each episode is viewed through the clarifying lens of the narrator’s own post-colonial experience as a Trinidadian of Indian descent who, during the twilight of the Empire, immigrates to England, reinventing himself in order to escape the very history he is intent upon telling.

With Proustian reflective power, with infinite warmth and humour, and with an acute intelligence, Naipaul has created a monumental tale of identity recovered and remade from undated time and historical darkness. A Way in the World is the work of a master.”









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hardcover, met stofomslag, 380 blz, in zeer goede staat


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