Africa in a Balloon

Jaume Llansana

– Encounters with Jules Verne –

“Llansana’s book shows us a chronicle of a balloon trip around Africa and a big adventure story. Llansana is not one of Jules Verne’s character, but he could easily be: he is a real-life adventurer and he does not invent what he explains: he has lived it. Nevertheless, and thanks to his passionate prose, reality is every bit as good as fiction for once.
The author tells his route, comparing each flight with the ones Verne imagined. And there he meets with Verne, with Burton and Speke, with the Nile fountains and the Moon Mountains: with Livingstone and Stanley: with the slaves traders and the Ivory routes.
And the same way Verne’s story mixed with the ones from his contemporary English adventurers. the one from Llansana, Comellas and Lladó mixes too with the French novelist: but their trip was a real one, not only above Africa but all across it, across the happiness and sorrow of their people, trough its past and its present.
With great doses of humor Llansana tells how his balloon was suddenly mistaken by a vision of the Apocalypses: how they were taken for spies and Belgian mercenaries and how their wit could beat a bureaucracy that constantly seemed was going to end up with their trip. A trip that only had one motivation and one reason: Adventure itself. Adventure that fed its main figures and moved them towards this eleven months African journey: a forty-five weeks trip. Fortyfive weeks in balloon.”





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