At the Japanese table – New & Traditional Recipes –

Lesley Downer

“… demystifies the visual artistry, simplicity of preparation, and healthfulness of Japanese cuisine for the home cook. There are over 96 easy-to-follow recipes, 16 pages of color photographs, and more than three dozen illustrations of various techniques ranging form carving carrot ‘flowers’ to slicing sashimi. Using this book, you can create an elaborate kaiseki meal (the haute cuisine of Japan), complete with intricate garnishes, or simply prepare a bowl of noodles with green onions for a family supper. Also included are descriptiona and explanations of the main ingredients, equipment, and techniques used in Japanese cookery.

But At the Japanese table is more than a cookbook. Author Lesley Downer takes you on a cullinary tour of Japan – to the feasts and festivals, into the homes, the restaurants, the sushi bars, the street stalls, and even the temples for a taste of this popular cuisine. Along the way, she explains the history, legend, and lore of the foods and why, as a result of their diet, the Japanese live longer than anyone else in the world.”






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