Bon Courage

Ken McAdams, With illustrations by Marian ‘Bing’ Bingham

– Rediscovering the Art of Living in the Heart of France –

“One year after their wedding, Ken and Bing finish a strenuous home-renovation project that puts their new marriage to the test. After the dumpster is gone and the last shingle is in place, they head to the French countryside to celebrate their long-delayed honeymoon, swearing that they are out of the home renovation game for good.

As they settle into the rhythm of life in the peaceful village of La Montagne Noire, they fall in love with the food, the mountains, the town, and the rich life they are living there. Before they know it, they find themselves buying a fixer-upper and starting all over again. Suddenly, their foreign paradise is looking a lot more like purgatory and as they get deeper into the project, the stress of the mammoth undertaking threatens to tear their new marriage apart.

With joy and humor, Ken recounts the couple’s mishaps and misadventures, capturing the essence of French village life and the unique characters they meet. He shares the couple’s hilarious linguistic blunders and the awkwardness of being tourists in a close-knit town.”






Moyer Bell





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