Jon Thompson

– From the Tents, Cottages and Workshops of Asia –

“… By discussing carpets in the context of the people who weave them, the book makes this complex and jargon-ridden subject easily accesible. By dividing all carpets into four categories – tribal, cottage industry, workshop and court – the author immediately makes plain for the less knowledgeable carpet-l0ver how to begin to trace the likely origins of carpets, to understand how they are made, and in appreciate how and why pattersn differ.
This approach, which depends not on learning names, but on a much broader understanding, draws the reader into a world in which carpet-weaving is a way of life, closely bound up with centuries of tradition. The author’s knowledge of the cultures which create these dazzling pieces make this not only an invaluable work of reference, but also a sympathetic social document.
Carpets has more than 180 colour illustrations detailed maps and a glossary and a practical guide for buyers and sellers – a frank and irreverent view of the trade which provides much valuable advice.”





Laurence King



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