Elders – Wisdom from Australia’s indigenous leaders –

Mandawuy Yunupingu and Lowitja O’Donoghue (forewords by), Peter McConchie (photographed and recorded by)

“This is an important book, whose content is unlike any other.

It is about indigenous peoples and their traditional and contemporary ways of living. Elders is a series of chapters authored by tribal elders from around Australia. Each chapter describes an important aspect of contemporary tribal life, and the elder speaks on behalf of his or her tribe – explaining what rituals they hold to, what understandings of the world they have. They speak about subjects as healing, the land, hunting, gathering, family, law and lore, spirit, the sea, ceremony and song.

Te book’s transcript was recoded by Peter McConchie, who has travelled to the far reaches of the continent to listen and to record what Elders have to say to us all. They speak simply and with power, and his visually stunning photography supports their words.

Elders is a book to appeal to the widest possible audience. It is the most representative account of Aboriginal people’s lives, culture and beliefs in book form.”





Cambridge University Press



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21x23cm, paperback, 117 blz, in redelijke/goede staat (beschadiging van ca 2x2cm in hoek linksonder van omslag), gesigneerd door fotograaf Peter McConchie


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