Innocents in Africa – An American Family’s Story –

Drury Pifer

“At the heigth of the Great Depression, Drury Pifer’s father – a mining engineer with two college degrees and no job prospects – embarked on a search for security and adventure in the gold and diamond mines of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer’s South Africa. The young hopeful and his wife knew nothing of the brutal working conditions, desert winds, and hidebound prejudices that awaited them. …

Supplemented by his mother’s witty letters and diaries, Drury Pifer’s beautifully written account testifies to his family’s power to make light of dark and often dangerous circumstances. The lyricism and insight Pifer brings to the landscape of his birth also inform the portraits of his parents – among the most vivid and inspiring of the genre. …”

“‘I very much enjoyed Innocents in Africa, which reminded me of my own childhood in a time that seems far away. It is also essential reading for anyone who wants to understand what is happening in South Africa now, for here is the bitterness of apartheid at a level where ordinary newspaper reporting never reaches.’ – Doris Lessing”





Harcourt Brace



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