Marc Garanger (photos), Yves Berger (texte)

– Entre ciel et terre – Between heaven and earth –

“… This collection of photographs abounds in musicians, dancers and all sorts of celebrations. Without a doubt, Cajuns are full of a contagious joie de vivre. None of these photos is ‘easy’. A distillation of this formidable land of Louisiana, the two Black women astride the tandem bicycle complete with their curlers, comic to our eyes, but present in this collection to make a statement that in this context, in their environment, their curlers which in a European country would be an outragious addity, constitute a decorative element, just as would say a hair ribbon – an expression of fashion. In this way, each plate of this book undertakes to describe the soul of a being, of a landscape, of each situation it presents. The very soul of Louisiana. The most beautiful land in the world – we realize it now more than ever.”





Contrejour et Kodak



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24x27cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 47 blz, in goede staat (geschreven opdracht en ex-libris op schutblad)


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