Peggy Guggenheim – Confessions of an Art Addict –

Foreword by Gore Vidal

“Peggy Guggenheim was born into affluence and a lavish lifestyle. Bored with her seemingly ‘pedestrian’ life in New York, she headed for Europe in 1921, where she would sow the seeds for a future as one of modern art’s most important and influential figures.

In the midst of Europe’s avant-garde circles, she reveled in her love affairs with prominent artists and also became a serious collector. Her Guggenheim Jeune gallery in London brought figures such as Brancusi, Cocteau, Kandinsky, and Arp to the forefront of the art scene. Later, her New York gallery would launch the careers of Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell, among others.

In her own inimitable and bawdy style, Peggy Guggenheim gives us an insider’s glimpse into the modern art world with intimate, often surprising portrayals of many of its most significant players. Candid, clever, and always entertaining, here is a memoir that captures a valuable chapter in the history of modern art, as well as the spirit of one of its greatest advocates.”





The Ecco Press




updated edition of Out of this Country 1960/1980

Talen Engels
Landen Wereld-wijd


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