Porcelain Moon and Pomegranates

Üstün Bilgen-Reinart

– A Woman’s Trek Through Turkey –

“For millennia, the land now called Turkey has been at the crossroads of history. A bridge between Europe and Asia, between West and East, between Christianity and Islam, the peninsula also known as Anatolia, the place where the sun rises, is one of the oldest continually inhabited regions on the planet.

In this unique blend of memoir and travel literature, Üstün Bilgen-Reinart explores the people, politics, and passions of her native country, whisking the reader on a journey through time, memory, and space. She searches deep into the roots of her own ancestry and uncovers a family secret, breaks taboos in a nation that still takes tradition very seriously, and navigates through dangerous territory that sees her investigating brothels in Ankara, probing honour murders in Sanliurfa, encountering Kurds in the remote southeast, and witnessing the rape of the earth by a gold mining company in Bergama.

Along the way the reader treks with the author along the banks of the fabled Tigris and Euphrates rivers, examines the role of the female from ancient Mother Goddess to modern Muslim women eking out livings in shantytowns, and observes whirling derwishes in the heartland. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Saint Paul, Genghis Khan, Tamburlaine, the all came to Antolia. Today Turkey is a nation in transition, a place where you could say the heart of the world beats.”





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