The Pillars of Hercules

Paul Theroux

– A Grand Tour of the Mediterranean –

“The journeys of Paul Theroux are the stuff of dreams and adventure … Now Paul Theroux has ventured to one of the most traveled places on earth, and returned with his most exhilarating, revealing, and eloquent travel book. In this modern version of the Gran dTour, Theroux sets off from Gibraltar, one of the fabled Pillars of Hercules, on a glorious journey around the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a long, lively, occasionally dangerous, and endlessly fascinating trip, – up the coast of Spain, along the Rivera, by ferry to the island of Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, and beyond – way beyond.

By foot, train, bus, and cruise ship, Theroux travels around Italy and the Greek islands, to Albania in a state of near anarchy and to war-torn Croatia. He sails across an old sea of myths into Istanbul, its minarets, mosque domes, and obelisks beckoning him to the Levant. After hearing of Theroux’s onward itinerary, a Turkish shipmate murmurs, “Gechmis olsen!”- May it be behind yhou! Ahead are Damascus and the remote villages of Syria, shrouded in the cult of Assad and his martyred son; Israel, besieged by suicide bombers; Egypt, where Theroux visits with Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz, recovering from an assassination attempt. And past the hill that marks the southern Pillar of Hercules lie Morocco and Paul Bowles’ Tangier. …

His magnificent Grand Tour is an irresistible invitation to discovery, enlightenment and sheer entertainment.”





G.P. Putnam's Sons



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Landen Afrika divers, Europa divers


hardcover, met stofomslag, 509 blz, in zeer goede staat


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