Vagabonding down the Andes – Being the narrative of a journey, chiefly afoot, from Panama to Buenos Aires –

Harry A. Franck

– illustrated with numerous photographs by the author –

“Harry A. Franck, the ‘Prince of Vagabonds,’ spent three years exploring South America. And in this case ‘exploring’ does not mean being accompanied by a well-equipped party and sailing up a jungle river insearch of new zoological species or a River of Doubt. It means going alone, on foot, from village to village down the terrible length of the Andes. It means living with the natives, Indian and white, studying their history, their habits, their conditions of life. It means suffering horribly from cold and heat and hunger and fever and a hundred other hardships. It means studying the language and literature and politics an social conditions of every district. It means doing something infinitely more interesting than making mere geographical discoveries: it means mapping out the Andean mind. The book might be called a footnote to Pan-Americanism; for it is a significant study of the human nature of half a continent. But above all it is a book of adventure and color and incident …”



Century Vagabond Books of Travel, Grosset & Dunlap



Talen Engels
Landen Zuid-Amerika divers


hardcover (linnen), met stofomslag, 612 blz, in goede staat


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