Warrior Herdsmen – an absorbing chronicle of an expedition to the tribesmen of Northern Uganda –

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

“… lived among them for the second half of 1961, and from the experience of that six months she has brought back a picture of a harsh and poignant way of life. Yet with a unique gift for understanding primitive people and a born writer’s instinct for the ordering of detail into a significant whole, Mrs. Thomas shows how this apparently barren soil hides a complex culture and how the Dodoth is a race composed, like any other, of individuals. Chief among the people she gets to know so well is Lopore, a fierce old man of property: through him she learns the inner working of tribal life. Others include Uri, who sends his eldest son to the Catholic school in Kaabong but who writes on his thigh with a twig to make himself understood: and there is Nadoloupe, a doctor sho uses her magic to cure the author’s earache. There are also warm and intimate portraits of Lopore’s wives. The book ends in bloody fighting between the Dodoth and their neighbours, the Turkana. …”



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