Wild Wales – its people, language and scenery –

George Borrow, with an Introduction by Cecil Price

“In 1854 Borrow set out on his long-premeditated tour of Wales, and his impressions of the country and its people are vividly described in this book. Wild Wales immortalises the ‘land of old renown and wonder, the land of Arthur and Merlin’, the wild mountains, the green valleys, the tiny villages housing a kindly, lovable people whose hearts are tuned to song and to the folklore of the centuries.

A great artist and a true romantic, Borrow found the experience as rich and satisfying as Dr. Johnson did his Tour of the Hebrides. He set out to interpret the ilterature, history and people of the country to their neighbours over the border, and that he succeeded better than he knew is evident from the fact that, far from being little read, his book is more popular how than ever.

So that the reader may picture the Wales which Borrow loved, there are in this Souvenir edition over 100 illustrations reproduced from photographs by R. Cecil Hughes, who traversed the route taken by Borrow, and each illustration is given its appropriate quotation from the text. As additional aids, the publishers have included a two-page map, and a topographical index of every Welsh place-name which appears in the book.

This volume makes the perfect gift, whether for those who already know and love Wales and find delight in remembering, or for those who are visiting the country for the first time. Nothing comparable to it has ever before been published.”



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Talen Engels
Landen Verenigd Koninkrijk


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