Women of Korea – A History from Ancient Times to 1945 –

Yung-Chung Kim (edited and translated by)

“… is the most comprehensive study to date of the status, role, and activities of Korean women through the country’s long history. Creditably the major substance is drawn from valuable original sources. The book particularly emphasizes the modern period which begins with the establishment of treaty relations with foreign powers in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The complicated currents of political and social development have been succinctly interpreted for the reader without undue detail.
The story of Korean women – those of the upper class and those of the lower order, those in the private domain and those in the public domain – reveals certain traits. On the one hand is found a state of subjugation and segregation, on the other a state of self-reliance and full social participation. Women themselves helped to bring about needed changes in many areas, but particularly in the field of education. Here women proved to be a source of inspiration, wisdom, and power. The book is an attempt to present women of Korea in historic perspective in the hope that a greater understanding of their experiences will inspire others.”



Ewha Womans University Press



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