A Flavour of Normandy – Explore the tastes, techniques and traditions of the finest regional cooking in the world –

Carole Clements

“Apples and cider, cream and cheese – the staples of Norman cuisine: A Flavour of Normandy makes the most of these regional accents in classic meat, fish, vegetable and dessert recipes, while introducing many less common regional dishes.

Atmospheric photographs and illustrations, knowledgeable text and over fifty easy-to-follow recipes give the reader/cook an intimate feel for the countryside, the people and the cuisine.

The book includes information on gastronomic routes, fairs, markets and competitions, and idiosyncratic specialities from the five areas of Normandy.

Completed with a menu-planning gazetteer of suggested recipe combinations, followed by a comprehensive index.”

“In A Flavour of Normandy, Carole Clements takes the reader along the shallow, sandy shores, across the green, rolling, countryside and laden orchards, into dairies and distilleries, shops and kitchens where tradition still reigns supreme.
Naturally, revered classics like Coqui8les St Jacques à la Normande (Scallops in Cider and Cream), Omelette Mère Poulard (from the famous restaurant at Mont-Saint- Michel) and apple fritters are there for our delectation, but so, too, are lesser-known specialities, such as a tart made with pungent Livarot and Pont-l’Evéque cheeses, venison with a Camembert sauce, and a creamy, slow-cooked rice pudding with apples.
These are recipes to win all hearts and appetites – from the land of the Conqueror.”





Harper Collins





Talen Engels
Landen Frankrijk


21x21cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 96 blz, in zeer goede staat (scheurtje van 1 cm in stofomslag)


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