A taste of Halland

Tengby, Homström, Äkerström, Ehrs

“‘In Halland, we live a good life, and we grow very old!

Living well and growing old are facts of life for the people of Halland, who have held not only the Swedish, but also the world record for average longevity for the past 100 years. We enjoy good health and a high quality of life. Halland is Sweden’s seventh largest county in population, small but mighty! From Kungsbacka in the north and Laholm in the south, the county has a lot to offer. Nothing is far away in Halland. The food, the people and nature. Everything is close together – the sea, the farms, the forest and the wilderness. This book is a just a small taste of what Halland has to offer.

We invite you tot taste the food of Halland, with ingredients from our own pantry. Here are recipes that use kale, salmon, horseradish, blue cheese, cheddar, game, potatoes, and fresh vegetables. But man does not live by food alone. Music, art, nature and contact with others are all necessary for optimal good health.

Let this book be an inspiration for both body and soul!”






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