Aruba – I am your island – An intimate look at Aruba scenes –

photography by Werner J. Bertsch, stories by Charles Croes

“I am your island and will come silently to you on these pages. Turn them slowly and feel my warmth and bathe in my colors. I shall speak to you in silent prose and show you myself in a stunning reality. The morning softness that comes with dawn belongs to me. Seek me there; I will wait. We shall share the birth of a day. Be there and I will let you into my life and into my loveliness. I will color your eyes with the sun’s colors; after all, colors are free. When these colors come to you, you will know that sometimes things which come without cost are the truest wonder – of this, I am sure. …”





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Talen Engels
Landen Nederlandse Antillen,


23x23cm, paperback, 86 blz, in goede staat


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