Cooltravel – The Most Exceptional Travel Spots –

Frencesca de Châtel (editor-in-chief)

“This book gives an insight into the most exceptional travel spots in the world with destinations ranging from the most luxury resort holidays, cool cities, safaris, sporty trips, exciting expeditions to luxurious train journeys. The trips are all over the world and every continent is represented. The book was created in collaboration with all participants from the travel sector and is aimed at anyone who likes to travel or simply dream bout faraway places.
So leaf your way around the world and let yourself be inspired to make your own unforgettable journey.

CoolTravel consists of two parts:
The Most Exceptional Travel Spots. A review of the coolest destinations in the world.
TravelBrands. The second part starts with a brief overview of the changes within the travel sector, followed by a more detailed discussin of travel brands. What do these brands stand for? What distinguishes them from their competitiros? What is their speciality? And what are theri prospects?”

Beschrijving en vele foto’s van ca 100 paradijselijke plekken op aarde.








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35x26cm, hardcover, met stofomslag, 255 blz, in zeer goede staat

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