Faces of tradition – Weaving Elders of the Andes –

Nilda Callanaupa Alvarez and Christine Franquemont, photography by Joe Coca

“Centuries ago, during the reign of the Incas, the ancestors of today’s Quechua people bilt fabulous stone temple complexes, extensive road systems, and agricultural terraces that even today define the landscape of the Andes. they also produced cloth, both for ceremonial and every-day use, that is known worldwide for its beauty and sophistication.

Today, a generation of Elders continues in the old ways, tending flocks, harvesting crops, and weaving textiles that represent one of the finest artisan traditions in the world. You will meet them in the pages of this book.

Their portraits reveal character and life experience; their words tell a story of endurance and fortitude. Their lives have spanned the social disruption of a cruel hacienda system, the Shining Path rebellion, and the institution of land reform; they have felt poverty and physical hardship. Yet they continu to hold true to their devotion to Mother Earth and the Apu spirits of the Andes, their close communities and family ties, and the brave and vivid clothing that proclaims their cultural identity.

Together, their generously-shared personal stories ans sensitive, intimate photographs present an unprecedented portrait of a dignified and noble people.

175 photographs”








Talen Engels
Landen Peru,


25x25cm, paperback, 151 blz, in zeer goede staat


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