Folk Designs from the Caucasus – for weaving and needlework –

Lyatif Kerimov

“This book contains 120 plates with over 450 individual designs from the weaving district of Azerbaijan. All are produced in clear diagrammatic form, making this material from one of the world’s great weaving traditions available for the first time to craftsmen, artisans and others who need strong, traditional designs for use.

The designs, ultimately derived from many Asiatic and ancient East European sources, include human figures, tortoises, sheep, dogs, deer, camels, nightingales, parrots, partridges, other real and mythical animals, flowers and other plant forms, everyday objects, and a host of geometric forms – stepped, squares and rectangles, polygons, hooked, toothed, fringed, circular, eight-pointed stars and others. There are also traditional designs (“Buta,” “Ketebe,” “Maternal Flowers,” “Gyoli,” and “Gubpa”) and over a hundred border elements that can be transferred directly for colorful and unusual uses.

Each design is reproduced on a clear mesh grid, making it immediately usable not only for weaving but also for needlepoint, embroidery, rug making, belts, headbands, edgings and needlework of all kinds.”





Dover Publications



Talen Engels
Landen Azerbeidzjan,


29x21cm, paperback, 120 blz, in goede staat (lichte roestvlekjes op schut- en titelblad)

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