Jewels of the Pharaohs – Egyptian Jewelry of the Dynastic Period –

Cyril Aldred, Photographs by Albert Shoucair

– with 173 illustrations, 109 in colour –

“Jewel -thieves regularly plundered the tombs of the ancient Egyptian kings, so it is surprising that such a wealth of jewelry has survived from antiquity to be housed now in museums throughout the world.
The best-known example is the virtually intact tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankh-amun, discovered in 1922, but there are many other collections and individual pieces extant. Cyril Aldred recounts the unexpected discoveries of some of these collections, and then describes the most important pieces, explaining their meaning and history, together with the techniques used in making them.
The remarkable photographs by Albert Shoucair, many in colour, were taken using special facilities in the Cairo Museum. The result is a book which conveys both a wealth of technical and historical information and the full magnificence of the surviving jewels of the Pharaohs.”





Thames and Hudson



Talen Engels
Landen Egypte


28x20cm, paperback, 128 blz, in zeer goede staat


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