Johnny Ginger’s Last Ride

Tom Fremantle

“In 1996, Tom Fremantle began an epic journey, cycling from Swanbourne, England to Swanbourne, Australia, following in the footsteps of his ancestor, Captain Charles, founder of Fremantle port. His route led him through 20 countries, including Syria, Iran, Tibet, Vietnam and Cambodia, and “Johnny Ginger’s Last Ride” is Tom’s account of his extensive travels.;From a mood of despair in Calais to euphoria in the Middle East and from desperate illness in Afghanistan to Christmas festivties in China, Tom’s memories of a man named Jonny Ginger helped sustain him through a journey that was at times demanding and dangerous. Johnny was an inspirational character from Tom’s childhood – an elderly man with an air of mystery who made a strong impression on the young boy that would eventually compel him to understake this cycle ride. “Johnny Ginger’s Last Ride” is the lively travelogue of this two-wheeled Odyssey.”





Pan Books



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paperback, 464 blz, in redelijke staat (blz aan de rand licht verkleurd, lichte leesvouwen in de rug)


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