Khokhloma Folk Painting

Tatyana Yemelyanova (introduction, selection and notes), Vladimir Stukalov (photographs)

“The northern part of the Gorky region is a single glorious expanse. A green carpet of water-meadows spreads along the lower left bank of the Volga and beyond them stretch boundless forests. In autumn these forests are particularly beautiful: dense fir-trees enhance the yellow-tinged lime and birch; the luxuriant maple canopies turn purple and orange and the sun tints the venerable oaks with noble bronze.
The golden foliage and lacy branches with scarlet clusters of ashberries recall the vibrant colours of Khokhloma – the folk painting which originated in these parts. …

The wares of Seminov and Kovernino complement each other splendidly; they give us a clear idea of the enormous potential of Khakhloma painting today. Once, long ago, inventive Russian peasants created Khokhloma in imitation of very expensive gold-decorated utensils which were beyond their reach. The magic of their craftsmanship turned Khokhloma into something which is indeed precious, for today it is loved and admired all over the world.”



Aurora Art Publishers



Talen Engels
Landen Rusland


23x21cm, hardcover, 111 blz, in goede staat


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