Lesotho – Magic Mountain Kingdom –

Dirk Schwager

“The Kingdom of Lesotho is about the size of Belgium and situated in Southern Africa. …

Known as the ‘Roof of Africa’ the mountains of Lesotho are the most important watershed in Southern Africa. The ‘Maletsunyane’ falls at Semonkong are the highest straight drop falls in Africa and ‘Thaba Ntlenyane’ is the highest mountain south of the Congo. The Basotho are the only Africans to have adapted to living part of the year snow. In two-thirds of this rugged moutnainuous country horses, donkeys and light aircraft are the only means of transport. Despite this, the Basotho have the highest literacy rate of any African tribe and are know for their cheerful hospitality. …

Dirk Schwager was born in Bad Honnef, Germany, where he trained in photography and photo journalism. He won the prestigious Cologne “Fotokina Obelisk” twice in succession, which prompted a Swiss publishing house to contract him for eleven books on horses around the world.

One of the countries visited was Lesotho, where he continued to work over the ensuing 30 years. This book shows photographs collected during this time. …”





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