My Quest for the Yeti – Confronting the Himalayas’ Deepest Mystery –

Reinhold Messner

“Making my way through some ash-colored junipers, I suddenly heard an eerie sound – a whistling noise, similar to the warning call mountain goats make.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw the outline of an upright figure dart between the trees to the edge of the clearing, where low-growing thickets covered the steep slope. The figure hurried on, silent and hunched forward, disappearing behind a tree only to reappear again against the moonlight. It stopped for a moment and turned to look at me. Again I heard the whistle, more of an angry hiss, and for a heartbeat I saw eyes and teeth. The creature towered menacingly, its face a gray shadow, its body a black outline. Covered with hair, it stood upright on two short legs and had powerful arms that hung down almost to its knees. I guessed it to be over seven feet tall. Its body looked much heavier than that of a man of that size. But it moved with such agility and power toward the edge of the escarpment that I was both startled and relieved.”





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