North with the Spring – A naturalist’s record of a 17000-mile journey with the North American spring –

Edwin Way Teale

“This is the second impression of a travel-nature book which, on its first appearances last year, aroused enormous enthusiasm.

Spring means different things in different places but to everyone it brings a sense of excitement, adventure and movement. It makes us all want to do what Edwin Way Teale has done – go south in winter and follow the spring northward. Nowhere else in the world is the spring more varied or beautiful than in eastern North America. Starting in the vast Everglades of Florida, where spring begins for the United States, the author and his wife travelled through 23 states for 130 days. The story of their adventures also forms a natural history of the sprng, a biography of the world’s favourite season.

Not since Audubon searched this great areas for birds, has anyone made such a broad and imaginative survey of the wild as this one.
But what will appeal to every reader is the sense of accompanying the author on new and exciting experiences. Day after day, as you read these pages, you drift north with the spring – from cypress swamps and delta marshes to the mountains of New England the green boundary of Canada. You witness the long panorama of returning wild flowers, watch the homecoming of baby eels, see the sunset flight of glossy ibis over Lake Okkechobee, go into the Blue Ridge Moutains with a herb-gatherer and drive through a hundred miles of returning warblers.”



Eyre & Spottiswoode





Talen Engels
Landen Canada, Verenigde Staten


hardcover, met stofomslag, 358 blz, in goede staat


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