Roam Alone – Inspiring tales by reluctant solo travellers –

Compiled and edited by Jennifer Barclay and Hilary Bradt, Foreword by Jan Leeming

“Travelling alone for the first time is not easy – indeed, for some the prospect is terrifying. Roam Alone is a collection of 40 true tales by reluctant solo travellers who took the plunge and loved it, interwoven with practical tips from the experts. The stories are thought-provoking, exciting and inspiring, and show that bravery can reap amazing rewards.

Some contributors were mere teenagers, while others waited decades before circumstances required them to travel without a partner or companion. All  pushed beyond their comfort zone, finding in that dreaded trip exhilaration, transformation and, very often, new friends.

Join Vicki in the jungles of Ecuador, Suzy in a frozen Mongolian ger, Anne cycling around Madagascar, Kirsty giving an impromptu piano recital in Berlin, Matt showing off sexy undies on a backroad in Fiji, Kelly receiving a marriage proposal in the Rif Moutains of Morocco and Sheelagh ending a ‘granny gap year’ in Kashmir. If they can do it, anyone can.”

The first step
Brief encounter
Face the fear
Safety in numbers
Travel with a purpose
What am I doing here?
A big adventure

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