Running my way – A tale of passion, determination and adventure –

Tamsin Imber

“The inspirational, bittersweet story of Tamsin Imber’s journey as a runner. Starting out as a busy mum, she secretly trains for a marathon – and ends up completing nine in a year, running joyfully in the rainy North York Moors with a group of like-minded lunatics. But talented Tamsin’s London Marathon attempt is thwarted by a mysterious fatigue.

Running My Way explores the empowering sense of freedom and achievement that running can bring into the chaotic, stressful life of a typically selfless mum. Mocked by an old friend, Tamsin sets off on a bumpy road that leads to a rewarding new social life and countless hilarious adventures. Trophy-winning runs attract the attention of a coach who helps her toward qualification for a championship place in the London Marathon.

Ultimately, an appreciation of running free with wild abandon – whether in glorious countryside or in competition – is sharpened by Tamsin’s diagnosis with debilitating CFS/ME. Now her positivity and sense of humour are sure to inspire others to take up the sport.”





Pitch Publishing





Talen Engels
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paperback, 224 blz, in zeer goede staat


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